The Truly Pointless Podcast: The 2011 Comic-Con Special, Part 1

As you heard by now, my brother passed away just after the recording of last week’s episode. As we said, there will not be a new episode this week. However, we thought it would be cool to re-release an old episode where he was a contributor. Hence, The Lazy Geeks Tribute: The 2011 Comic-Con Special, Part 1.

This was within our first year of doing the podcast. Adam, I, Ally, and John all went to Comic-Con. It was Adam and John’s first time. It was my and Ally’s second year. The original concept was to do a new episode recapping each day of the event. That didn’t happen. Not because we didn’t want to, it was due to the lack of time.

Adam and I thought The 2011 Comic-Con Special would be a good tribute to him. He was active in the conversation and some hilarious stories were told about him. He loved the event and always hoped to go back. But, when tickets became harder and harder to get, we never made it back.

John passed away two days before his birthday. As of now, Adam is on his way to Los Angeles to be with me, as a real homie. Since we never really made a dime off this show, I am not rich. Finacially, I am struggling. I need financial support for funeral expenses, medical bills, and some bills that were left behind.

I have set up a GoFundMe to help. Yeah, I know their fees are kind of shitty, but what can you do. If you don’t want to help us out that way, you can send it through our PayPal link in the sidebar. Hell, you can send us money to our Venmo: @thelazygeeks_1010.

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John was a sweet and fun geek. Since our first trip together at the San Diego Comic-Con, we went to a slew of cons in our area. Galifrey One, the Long Beach Comic-Con, and others. My brother was one of our biggest supporters. Still was. The 2011 Comic-Con Special showcased that. I hope you enjoy it as much as we had making it.