The Truly Pointless Podcast: What a Week

Since our last episode, which was last week, Steven has been dealing with a lot of shit. Steven’s brother, John, was sick when he recorded last week’s episode. It was mostly thought it was the flu. What A Week picks up from then. Shortly after recording the episode, Steven had to call 911 because his brother became unresponsive.

During the night into Monday, Steven discovered that John had a brain tumor. What caused him to be unresponsive was the septic shock from the tumor entering his system. His sister came down and they had to decide on John’s future. They gave him morphine for the pain, but the tumor was inoperable. Even if they could operate on it, there is no guarantee that his quality of life would be worth it.

He would spend his time in and out of the hospital. Breathing through a tube and countless other issues. Steven and his sister made the difficult decision to give him some dignity. Remove the ventilator and allow him the time of his choosing to pass.

Topics Touched On “What a Week”:

No Show Next Week

It’s Been a Helluva Week

Adam is Coming to LA


The High Life

Junk Eating

Adam decided that he would come to LA to stay with Steven. He would spend a couple of weeks to help, if he needs it. Most importantly, to simply be there for his friend. And, if John holds out, maybe see him. There won’t be a show next week, since Adam will be coming into down on Monday. Plus we don’t know what will happen next, in regards to John.

For now, we are going to take this piece by piece. What a Week is a bit of an understatement. Whatever happens and what we decide to do, we will keep you informed. Until then, wish us luck.