Tinder Spring Break Mode Coming for College Students

Spring break has always been know where college students take a week off to some warm locale and hook up. At least, that’s what we see in the movies. However, Tinder is planning to make that a reality for its college-based users. Tinder Spring Break mode is a new hook up feature that is launching this week, according to The Verge. It allows Tinder U users to check off where they’re going for spring break and swipe on other students heading to your destination.

The feature is only supported for select locations, including Cabo, Mexico; Lake Havasu, Arizona; Las Vegas; Miami; New Orleans; Puerto Rico; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; San Diego, California; a “staycation;” and others. The app will prioritize students who attend the same school and have the same vacation plans, but users will eventually see students from all over the country who plan to travel to the same place.

Tinder spring break
Tuition money at good use.

Tinder had a similar mode called their Passport feature, which allowed people to swipe on people in other locations, ahead of making a trip. What makes this sort of interesting is that it is the first event based around a single event.

As an older person, it does take the idea of “will I hook up with anyone or not” out of doubt. Horny college students will be able to set up a “dance card” (if you don’t know the reference, ask your parents) just in case the area is dry and boring.

Of course, people should be concerned about the likelihood of being catfished or worse. Just a reminder, always set up a “date” in a public place or with friends. Nevertheless, it is that time of the year where college students are going to blow off some steam, and god knows what else. So, why not take Tinder Spring Break mode with you?

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