Transformers: War for Cybertron Trailer Released

Netflix has posted the first teaser trailer for its Transformers: War for Cybertron animated series, and it’s now clear just how the service will take on the robots’ origins. The clip for the first part of the War For Cybertron trilogy, Siege, portrays the Autobots fighting a seemingly hopeless war to prevent the Decepticons from finding the Allspark (the source of the machines’ power) and destroying the essence of what the Transformers are.

It’s not the most complex narrative, although it’s surprisingly bleak for kids’ fare. But, let’s be honest about one thing: all The Transformers films/comics/television incarnation were all a bit bleak. They boiled down to the obliteration of their own existence. It even draws eerie parallels with human politics by having Megatron spin the Autobots’ efforts as “aggression.”

The teaser also gives a peek at the “new look” animation style, which ultimately boils down to cel-shaded CG but fits well with larger-than-life battling robots. On that note, you can expect plenty of fights — Rooster Teeth and Polygon Pictures haven’t forgotten one of the reasons why kids (and curious adults) latched on to Transformers in the first place.

There’s still no specific date for The Transformers: War For Cybertron‘s debut later this year. It’s still listed as “coming soon.” Even so, this might tell you if it’s worth getting your hopes up for the prequel to the classic Transformers movie. If nothing else, this shows that Netflix is fully committed to its ’80s nostalgia push.

How many of you expected “The Touch” to begin playing when Optimus Prime rolled in. I won’t lie. I did and the scene would’ve been better for it.