Trump Concerned About Russia Is About Losing

There has been some recent talk about President Donald Trump’s recent tweet about being concerned about Russia. While the media is playing stupid with the concept of national security, a more street-wise person, without partisan blinders, can see what he is attempting to do. With many of his missteps that are galvanizing his base, it seems that more of the centrists voters could be losing support for his re-election and the upcoming midterms. So, he is making a contingency plan for the so-called “blue wave”.

Earlier in the month, I mentioned that the protests to dissemble I.C.E. was giving Trump’s base a rally point, but he knows that he has made some missteps. With the midterms coming up, he could be on the verge of losing control of the House and Senate. On Tuesday, he posted a tweet:

Up until recently, Trump’s views on Russian meddling in the 2016 election was, in some instances, very bipolar. First, he claimed that there was no threat of Russia for meddling in the election, which won him the White House. Then, he would backtrack to claim that if there was, it was President Obama’s fault there was. It had nothing to do with him. Recently, as of last week, he stated that Russia was not behind the meddling, only to “clarify” that they were.

Recently, he has begun to see some push back from his Republican allies in regard to Russia. He has had a few stumbles in the past week, and this Russia thing won’t go away. What do you do when you’re Donald Trump? You go with another misdirect: you tweet that it is designed to help Democrats because Russia doesn’t like him. Which is contrary to what Vladimir Putin stated that he wanted Trump to win over Hilary Clinton.

So far, the Republicans are fragments on what their message needs to be. Not any more fragmented than the Democrats on their message. Trump knows that he won’t get the power he needs in the upcoming elections. In fact, Democrats may take some of their seats in more purple areas. If this blue wave comes, he needs to have a plan to deflect that it is a rebuke on his administration. So, what do you do? Blame Russia but say he wants to help Democrats.

Using this as a catch-all for him, he can pull those on-the-fence Republicans to vote and keep Russia out of their election. A vote for Democrats is a vote for Russia. That is all you need to say in the heartland states that already fear Democrats. Let’s be honest, they have not done well at trying to get their message out there.

A side fact to all those people that don’t understand why he’s stonewalling any blame toward Russia: admission to that fact would (in his mind) de-legitimize his presidency. Yet, there is no proof that Russia tampered with election booths and votes. They only tampered with people’s opinions due to their inability to research on their own. That is the cold truth.

While the media will spend hours on this topic, the true reason is clear: if Democrats win, it’s because of Russia. People love Trump, according to himself. There is no way America would vote against him. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Two things are certain though. If Democrats win, Trump has his whole re-election campaign ready. If they lose, Trump beat the Russians and give him four more years. While that may be unpleasant, that is the cold, hard truth.

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