Update On The Lazy Geeks Hiatus

It’s been three weeks since we announced that we were suspending the podcast due to financial concerns. After that time, I believed it was a good time for an update. Unfortunately, things haven’t gotten any better, so The Lazy Geeks hiatus continues. The main issue is my access to the internet. Because, personally, I have fallen on hard times, I was unable to pay my internet bill which was disconnected. Now, normally, if Adam lived in LA, we could still record the podcast and upload new episodes, but with him living in Arizona that makes the internet necessary.

As the weeks have gone on, Adam has managed to pay for the minimal hosting that is required to keep the podcast afloat for a while. This is where my financial issues come into play. Now, as I have only had access to the internet via my local library (Starbucks is too far for me to even think about going there), I have a limited time when I can post on social media as well as new content on the blog.

The upside, for some strange reason, the last day that I posted new content back in July, the blog has seen a major uptick in traffic. Most of it is regarding the new bright color controllers for the PlayStation 4. Its random what people look for. So, that has given me a new inspiration to continue posting new content – as limited as it is – onto the blog.

We’ve said this on the podcast a million times, you can help us out. You can make a donation to my personal PayPal account, since I handle most (if not all) the financials for the podcast and blog. All you need to do is click on the PayPal icon on the right (or below if you’re reading this on a mobile device) and it will take directly to it. Leave a donation that can get my internet back and we can get back to doing the show.

In the meantime, we will not be posting any new shows until we can get this fixed. My whole desire for the PayPal account was to receive donations that would, at least, cover the cost of the show. Which, on a monthly basis, isn’t a whole lot. However, when you have nothing, it gets harder to handle even the smaller amount. So please, help us out if you can.

Oh, by the way, if you would like to listen to some of our old (cancelled) shows, they are available on our YouTube channel. I even made playlists for them. You can listen to old episode of The Away Team, The Fine Line, The Extended Play Movie Podcast, Just Another Podcast, and The Cheap Seats. They are wild to re-listen to. So, check it out when you need a fix.

So, for now, The Lazy Geeks hiatus continues. I will update you guys in a couple of weeks. Until then, enjoy the old shows and some of the new (but limited) blog content I can post.

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