Updated: Donations, Changes, and Other Stuff

Some of you may have noticed the request for donations yesterday. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, we will be losing our hosting in the next couple of days. We will be posting new blog posts on our back-up page, which has been neglected for the past few years. The crazy thing is that it has posts from our very first year. Yeah, 2011.

This back-up page is lazygeeks.wordpress.com and that will be our home for the foreseeable future. We are not losing thelazygeeks.com domain. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to map the domain onto the back-up site. The back-up site was the original home of the blog with The Lazy Geeks domain mapped onto it.

The reason for the switch was WordPress.com was ultra-limited. We had no way to post a media player for our podcasts and other customization options. Since then, we moved to a self-hosted site and never looked back. Every so often, I would back up the content from the self-hosted site onto the legacy blog, just in case. Now, after eight years, it looks like we are coming full circle.

We are getting back to our roots. WordPress.com has updated to meet our needs for their free hosting. We just don’t have the fund to maintain a self-hosted site, as well as mapping the domain name. So, our WordPress.com blog will be linked to out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages until we get the fund to map. If you want to donate, just click on the donate button to the right and help us out.

Some Other Stuff

Another change is the numbering of The Lazy Geeks episodes. The rebranded podcast was designed to be a fresh start for us. However, doing over 300 episodes was a lot of work. Not to mention, when Chris Hardwick started his rebranded Nerdist podcast with ID01T, he kept the existing numbering because who really wants to start over. So, you have (or will) noticed that episodes since the rebrand are using our legacy numbering system.

Once we return in January (?), we will have modified the format to be a more laid back version of the old series. No real structure. Some news. Some personal stuff. But us talking about whatever we want. So, it should be the happy medium that we have been looking for after 300-plus episodes. That means, new artwork will probably come with it, but not sure yet.

After some further review, we will not be able to present the remaining episodes of The Fine Line for the remainder of the year. Due to the financial issues and various other personal issues. So in its place, we are presenting highlight episodes from The Lazy Geeks and The Extended Play Movie Podcast for the next two weeks for some content.

Major Change from Earlier

I am hoping to present the remaining episodes in 2019 when we (hopefully) return in January. So, this will give people exposure to our other series and may bring them over to the other shows. That is the biggest change from the post I placed on thelazygeeks.com yesterday.

So, help us out if you can with a donation to map the thelazygeeks.com to our WordPress account. Also, donations will help keep our shows coming to you every week. We have been offering eight years of content and we are finally asking for help. If you can’t help that way, please check out the WordPress account at lazygeeks.wordpress.com.
Thanks to all of you. Happy Holidays!

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