Verizon’s 5G Technology Reveals Pricing and Launch

After announcements of devices that will supporting 5G technology, no one had really revealed when they will offer it. Verizon has revealed their 5G technology and pricing. Unfortunately for most, the price for 5G will be $10 on top of their regular data plans.

The new prices will now start at $85 per month for the base Go Unlimited plan for a single line (which is always subject to throttling and only offers slow hot spot speeds and 480p video); $95 per month for the Beyond Unlimited (22GB of unthrottled LTE, 15GB of LTE hot spot, and 720p video); and $105 for the Above Unlimited plan (75GB of LTE before throttling, 20GB of LTE hot spot, 720p video, and a few other perks).

The only upside is that, at least for now, Verizon isn’t holding users to those data throttling limits for 5G. According to the company, “5G data usage with the moto mod is unlimited with no data de-prioritization,” even for users on plans that ordinarily would. In other words, Verizon is offering true, unlimited data to customers with 5G, although the real test will be to see whether that continues as 5G continues to roll out.

However, if you think everyone will be able to access that network and can pick up those 5G technology devices – don’t get ahead of yourself. Verizon is rolling it out in Chicago and Minneapolis. Yeah, even places like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are denied. Which is why we said to stay away from those devices for, at least, another year.

The initial rollout of 5G for Chicago and Minneapolis will be limited. In Chicago, Verizon says that it’ll be concentrating service on The Loop (especially near landmarks like Union Station, Millennium Park, and the Willis Tower) as well as in the Gold Coast, River North, and Old Town areas. Verizon’s store on “the Magnificent Mile” will also offer 5G service.

Minneapolis will see a similar concentration, focused on the Downtown West, Downtown East, and Elliot Park areas of the city, with a focus on landmarks like the Minneapolis Convention Center as well as the Target Center and U.S. Bank Stadium sports venues, along with the Verizon store in the Mall of America. If you’re thinking of getting a 5G device, it’s best to wait for a bit.


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