Video: CW’s Superhero Fight Club 2.0

For those of you, like me, that did not feel the need to download that CW Seed app just to see the whole Superhero Fight Club 2.0 match up, with The Flash dropping its third season opener tomorrow night all you needed to do was wait for Monday. The CW has dropped the entire 2.0 match online as its about to kick off its new superhero week. This time, they added Supergirl, The Atom, White Canary and Firestorm. Up in the booth, you have Felicity and Cisco controlling their match up.

The biggest surprise was Jhon (Martian Manhunter) popping in and the priceless look of Digg seeing another alien. Of course, that is a play on the joke that was used in season one with Digg seeing Barry for the first time, without knowing he had special powers. While it was a little bit cheesy it was all in good fun. This is one of the few networks that doesn’t mind crossing over with all its shows.

For many of those comic fans out there, it is a nice change considering Marvel’s big television universe. Primarily on the fact that Marvel likes to us the whole “it’s all connected” line a bit but the DCTV team puts their money where there mouth is. It will be nice to see how Supergirl figures into their universe but she seems to be a perfect fit for some of the dorks like Barry, Palmer, Felicity and Cisco. The wait is finally over. Tomorrow it begins. Oh, and that little Gorilla Grodd moment…

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