Video: Goodbye Bannerman Road: Saying Goodbye To Elisabeth Sladen (Part One)

The world was saddened by the sudden and untimely death of Elisabeth Sladen last year. To Doctor Who fans the world over, she was known as Sarah Jane Smith from the original series. She eventually returned to the rebooted series with David Tennant in School Reunion.

After her appearance, executive producer Russell T. Davies created her own children’s show The Sarah Jane Adventures which lasted for five season until her tragic death from cancer. CBBC did a special looking back on her life in Doctor Who with interviews with cast and Matt Smith himself.

In this first of a two-part video, you can remember the talented lady and really the first lady of Doctor Who. Even through it has been so many months since her passing, knowing that we will never see her again is tragic in a way. But I agree with Matt Smith when he said that she was loved by children in her days on Who and she managed to get an entire new generation of children to love her.

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