Walmart Teams Up With Roku for Ads

Just what someone asked for, more ads on streaming devices. Roku has announced a team up with Walmart to offer a new kind of advertisement that will let you shop straight from your TV. Unlike typical TV ads that only showcase a specific service or product, these shoppable ads are more similar to advertisements you see online. Viewers who find something they want to buy from the ads can press OK on their remote to begin Walmart’s checkout process.

Their payment details will be automatically populated with their information from Roku Pay, so they’d only have to press OK to complete their purchase. They’ll then get an email confirmation from Walmart with shipping and return information.

Obviously, partnerships like this are becoming more common. As television revenue is falling off, advertisers are looking for the eyes. As many Generation X to millennials are cutting the cord and moving to streaming, they are losing potential customers.

Walmart knows broadcast TV isn’t what it used to be.

As cable companies are no longer valuable as they once were, as magazines, companies are losing audience interaction. Even ads on services like Hulu and Tubi can get eyes on them, but it’s not a sure thing.

Since this is a pilot partnership between the companies, the shoppable ads powered Roku’s ad-buying platform called OneView will only feature products fulfilled by Walmart. Of course, ads always have the potential to be annoying, but Roku’s announcement suggests that it will at least show ads targeted towards its users, thanks to its advertising tech. The company also said that future iterations of this pilot program “will look for opportunities to build deeper commerce experiences that meet customers where they are.”

To be honest, I thought Amazon would be the first to do this. Now that I think about it, Google would’ve been the first. More ads, just what no one asked for.

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