We Need Your Donations

The holidays are a tough time for people financially. It is a difficult time for brands, especially when hosting fees for the upcoming year are due. As if the case with us. We need your donations. We do not have the fund to renew our hosting for the website. However, we have an option to keep the site but we don’t have the cash to make the switch.

We have always asked with links in our stories, as well as through the podcasts, for your donations. As it is now, we don’t get any support. The finances are okay for the shows that will continue through the end of the month. Unfortunately, we have two options for the site and neither of them are doable. We could use your help to make the cheaper option viable.

In a few days, the current hosting for the blog/site through Bluehost will not renew. This will mean that we will lost the site in its current form. However, we have been updating the original blog through WordPress.com. Unfortunately, to use our domain name, we need to have it mapped to the original blog.

Let me be clear, we still own the domain name but won’t be able to use it until we can have it mapped. As support is non-existent, we will be using the original free domain name via WordPress.com. We will be using lazygeeks.worpress.com for the time being.

We will still update via that blog but we won’t be able to use the main site’s name for a bit.

Also, the future of the podcasts for January remain in question. When you are running on a low cash-flow, there is no way to squeeze water from a stone.
We are laying it all out there. We hope you can give something to help not make that situation happen. The holidays are always a difficult time. We get that. However, we need your help and if you have been enjoying our content, your support is needed.

If you are viewing through thelazygeeks.com site, just click the donate button. You can donate via our WordPress.com page, as we have a clickable picture that will take to my PayPal account. We really appreciate any help you can give, and wish you the best of holiday seasons.

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