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Welcome Back (?) to The Lazy Geeks. If this blog sounds familiar, that is because it is. Back in 2023, I ended the site because my former partner (and still friend) and I ended the show. Which will be placed back here at some point, but for now – it’s not. Personally, I have been going through a rather dynamic identity crisis. I want something that is my own, but I can’t stay on anyone that I chose.

After my brother passed away in 2021, I was left in limbo. That last several years has been chaotic and leading me into a severe depression. Unable to get a job, no matter where I apply. Get interviews and then a nice “thanks but no thanks” email, it takes a lot out of you.

Since I don’t have internet at home anymore – because having to pay for it isn’t in the cards – I have to spend time at the local library just to use their shitty Wi-Fi. However, there is a lot of time during the day where I need something to do. So I still do podcasts. Sort of. That is, also, another reason Adam and I don’t do any of our shows anymore. I need Skype and since I have no internet, that sort of makes it impossible.

So how are The Lazy Geeks welcome back?

The site is back simply because it is something that always felt right. Yet, it never felt truly mine. Since it was created to support our podcasts, it always felt more like ours. With all that being said, I wanted something that could hold all my different sorts of content. I am a geek. A tech geek. A movie geek. A casual gamer geek. A politics geek. A history geek. A middle-aged geek. Being a geek is a rather big umbrella.

After some thought, and a couple of rough starts with other concepts, I am back home. I will revive the site but use it as my own. It has been some time since we did a podcast together and the old site has been gone for over a year now. Now would be a good time to reboot the concept. Or welcome back.

How will this one be different?

This won’t be a shared blog. Meaning that Adam and I won’t be working together on this. To be honest, we hadn’t worked together on the site in many years. It has always been a “me” thing. That is what I will use it for: a showcase – if you will.

A showcase of all the different things that I am into. The Gen-Xer Pod is about things that I notice about our current life, and wonder how much has changed. It could sound like a “get off my lawn” sort of show, but it isn’t. It’s my way of saying while social and legacy media would like to have you believe this is new – it isn’t.

My Great American Sh*t Show podcast is about putting together my love of politics and history. Not all about politics. It is more about society and the shit that comes out of it. My first deep dive is about how the GOP went from the party of Lincoln to the party of Trump. While many episodes will have a structure behind them, I’m doing a “rants” version that will come out later in February.

Anything else..?

As far as the blog is concerned, you can read posts about things that I felt like writing about. As well as some reviews, mostly movies but some other things too. As well as some news that I think is interesting.

So check in from time to time to see what I am thinking about. Not only that, if you’re listening to one of my podcasts, you can listen to many of the other content that I am putting out. Also, planning on releasing a movie review podcast. I am working my way through the movies I missed in 2023. This is getting good.

Welcome back. See you on the flip. Enjoy.

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