What’s On Netflix: Kevin Smith–Burn In Hell Review


I have been a Kevin Smith fan for a long time. His original New Jersey trilogy and have recently became a big fan of his Smodcast Empire that he is forging in the podcasting world. I have been a huge fan of his public appearances since I have found him to be an excellent storyteller and loved watching his long rants during his filmed, solo Q&A sessions. That brings us to Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell.

As I have seen all his prior filmed Q&A sessions, I was looking forward to see what happened after the events of Red State. In the end, I found it a shell of its former self and more of a manifesto of what his life has become and where it is heading.

While he was entertaining in the beginning when he answered the question for the “Juno chick” it quickly went to his decision to make movies, podcasts and comic books after the death of his father. I found the event to be more about him being real than his traditional conversations on his podcast or previous filmed Q&A sessions.

I have to admit that I did find myself looking more at my phone and browsing through Twitter when he got into his long and drawn-out story about him and his encounter with the Westboro Baptist Nuthouse Church. That was one moment when I thought Kevin Smith talking about them? This should be utterly priceless. I found a few moments that made me chuckle but nothing remotely as entertaining as his previous efforts or even his current ones.

He gives us his views on his life and why he is deciding to make one final film before he hangs up doing original content, but he clarifies as being he would be a director-for-hire just won’t direct an original movie. After hearing his explanation, I get why he would choose to hang it up and liked his ideas about how he would like to end his career.

In the end, I found the event to be seriously lacking his previous endeavors and more about preaching the legacy that is Kevin Smith. It was something that was okay to kill time but had I never seen this one I wouldn’t regret missing it. If you are looking for more of his rants like An Evening with Kevin Smith or his Smodcasts, you won’t get your fill here. View it on a boring day but don’t feel too bad if you completely missed it.

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