Why the iPhone Should Switch to USB-C Connectors

From the early days of Apple, they have always been against the grain. Steve Jobs always made it clear that he never wanted any of their products to be compatible with other brands. For a while now, rumors have persisted that Apple is considering changing their Lightning ports to the more standardized USB-C ports that many high-end devices us. Many of Samsung’s Galaxy devices use the connection by default. Apple users are in agreement with the change. 

MacRumors has been toying with the concept that Apple could make the change in their 2019 iPhone. Odds are not likely, but it is in the realm of possibility within the next two years or so. In a Twitter poll, obviously not scientific, a majority of Apple fans are ready for the switch. Nearly two-thirds of users are ready for the switch. 

Why is the switch important? USB-C allows for fast charging. That is why the Samsung Galaxy devices are using the port. This allows devices to charge 70 percent faster than normal 5W charge from the Apple plug that it currently uses. 

I understand that many people will complain as they have stocked up on the lightning ports connections, but the complaint is nearly invalid. Why? Simply because the USB-C adapters are small and will be compatible with existing ports. Yes, you will not have to rush out and buy new connections. However, if you are getting a new device it will come with the current connection. 

I joke. I know the chief concern is the existing devices purchased that have the old connection port. If Apple is anything like Samsung (I say that because I experienced this), they will include an USB-C to Lightning connector. This will allow you to utilize your existing devices that require the old connection. However, if it is a portable charger, fast charging is out of the question. 

Yeah, it would be the latest in a series.

It took a long time for Apple to create a wireless charging iPhone. Many Android users had that feature since 2015. However, Apple decided to make the wireless charging compatible with existing wireless chargers, instead of something proprietary. That is the reason we could see Apple take the next step. Reducing the exclusivity of proprietary accessories will make changes less stressful. Isn’t that Apple’s motto?  

Make it an easy device for the consumer.  

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