Windows 11 Upgrade

If you have been working on Windows 10 lately, you probably came across a splash screen. Microsoft is hitting all Windows 10 users with notifications that they should do the whole Windows 11 upgrade. Here is the funny thing about it: you get the screen even if your computer can’t receive the upgrade. Another win for Microsoft and their fucked up logic.

It is obvious that they are saying that you should do the Windows 11 upgrade by October 14, 2025. That is when Microsoft will “stop” updating your current operating system. If you’ve been with Microsoft for a while, you know that’s bullshit. Microsoft will eventually bend and update it for security reasons.

However, what the screen is low-key telling you is to get a new computer. Which would be nice if they gave you one, but that isn’t about to happen.

Windows 11 upgrade is key, at least, to Microsoft

I remember when rumors swirled about the eventuality that Windows 11 will be the final up-gradable Windows OS. They would move to rolling updates like Apple. Although, they said the same thing about Windows 10.

Windows 11 Upgrade

What will happen if you don’t upgrade? Same thing that happened to people still using Vista or XP – nothing. You won’t receive those fixes and/or security fixes. This will make your system more susceptible to new threats. However, you could opt into that Windows 10 Extended Security Updates but that will cost you a pretty penny.

Much of this stems from Microsoft being overly ambitious with Windows 10 that they fucked it up. Instead of fixing all the technical issues with 10, Microsoft solely focused on getting new features out to the public. Like a traditional tech company that is trying to stay relevant.

Instead, they opted to ditch the whole thing and start with Windows 11. I’m in the boat of non-upgradeable. I have over a year to think about it, but my mind is thinking of giving Apple a chance.

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