Windows 10 Updates Can Be Automatically Removed

Windows 10 updates have become notorious, especially in 2018, as a huge dumpster fire. Since then Microsoft has commented that it would take more responsibility of their updates. It means that they released an update that would automatically uninstall recent updates. Yeah, if the update ain’t kosher, they will uninstall it.

However, the feature is designed as a tool of “if this absolutely needs to happen.” In essence, Microsoft says that it will only roll back updates in cases where new software has failed so much that it prevents the computer from booting up. You know, they real pain in the ass issue for Windows 10 updates. However, it will do that after trying all of the other automatic recovery options first.

According to ZDNet, the new feature can automatically roll back device drivers, hotfixes, updated system files, service packs, and new Windows features, making it a pretty comprehensive tool, at least on paper. Any updates that do get rolled back will also be blocked from automatically reinstalling for 30 days, giving Microsoft and its various hardware and software partners time to fix the issue, instead of just getting users stuck in an endless cycle of automatically applying and removing the update.

Microsoft has made claims that they will be working to improve their features, rather than developing news ones for their updates. Not to mention, that they will work on fewer updates that only improve quality of user experiences.

It is important to note that their automating removal of bad updates takes the sting out of users frustrations. On a personal level, I haven’t had (knock on wood) many of the issues that some people discuss. When an install won’t install, it automatically recovers to the previous build. However, I have uncovered issues of incompatible programs outside of Windows 10 updates.

So anything to take the sting off of it is greatly appreciated.

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