Y-Wing Is The Latest Ultimate Collector’s Series Set

This latest LEGO product should be a little easier on your budget and time than the massive ultimate Millennium Falcon, but not by much. But cut the chatter, Red Two—you signed on for missions that go against the odds, after all. So, when it comes to elaborate LEGO sets, why wing it? Er…Y-Wing it. I know.

Two feet long, almost a foot wide, and nine inches tall when mounted on its flight stand, the second-most-familiar Star Wars fighter to have its wings shaped after a letter is ready to put your building skills to the test.

Release date for this set is–of course!–Star Wars Day, May the 4th. So, you have a month to squirrel away the $199.99 you’ll need in order to obtain it. Or since this is the Star Wars universe, maybe we should say “Porg it away.” Let’s make that a thing. Fictional animals cannot be defamed by language.

Are you up for buying and building this supercool set? Y, or Y-not? Make your choice in comments.

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