YouTube E3 Coverage Returning For 2019

If you’re look for E3 coverage this year, YouTube has your back. The service will offer 10 hours of live coverage through its Gaming section on June 9th, starting at 1PM Eastern. That’s 10 AM Pacific. The YouTube E3 coverage will be a huge deal for anyone that is interested in anything regarding gaming. Whether you’re into the weeds or a passive gamer.

It’ll include obvious coverage of E3 milestones like the Xbox showcase and Bethesda’s presentation, but YouTube is treating this more like a day-long festival — it’ll be hosted by the Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley, and will feature appearances from internet stars like Felicia Day, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier as well as performances from the likes of Marshmello, Bastille and Lindsey Stirling.

And yes, there will be gaming discussions. Google’s Phil Harrison will talk about the Stadia cloud gaming service at 2:30PM Eastern, while it’s safe to say there will be plenty of chats surrounding the day’s news. You’ll hear more about the schedule in the “coming days,” Keighley said.

This is the fifth year of YouTube’s live E3 coverage. It’s far from a novelty. However, it might be one of the more important streams to date. Microsoft will have the floor this year, especially since Sony is staying home. And, there’s a good chance it will talk in-depth about its game streaming service. Bethesda, meanwhile, could talk about everything from the imminent Wolfenstein: Youngblood to long-term projects like Elder Scrolls VI.

While Sony is sitting this one out doesn’t mean there won’t be some great content being revealed. Many will have to wait another year for any info regarding the PlayStation 5. We may be able to pay attention to games like Death Stranding, Modern Warfare, Marvel’s Avengers and how the new Stadia service will look in real-time. Who can’t be psyched for that? So, check out that YouTube E3 coverage.

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