YouTube Removed ‘Unprecedented Volume’ of Shooting Vids

YouTube claims it dealt with an “unprecedented volume” of videos after last week’s mass shooting in New Zealand, as the platform struggled to remove videos with the footage, YouTube’s chief product officer told The Washington Post.

Friday’s killings at two mosques in Christchurch were recorded and posted to social media channels around the world as part of a plan that was seemingly designed to spread the footage online. As the footage made its way around the internet, it was reuploaded repeatedly. Facebook said it removed 1.5 million videos of the attack in the first 24 hours after the shooting.

While YouTube did not say precisely how many videos it ultimately removed, the company faced a similar flood of videos after the shooting. Moderators worked through the night to take down tens of thousands of videos with the footage, chief product officer Neal Mohan told the Post. Some uploads were reportedly altered to evade detection, as users tweaked the footage slightly to prevent automated tools from flagging it.

Copies were reportedly added as quickly as one per second, and, eventually, the platform disabled some searches to limit visibility. YouTube also cut off some human review features to speed the process, Mohan told the Post. (The service said on Friday that it was sending potentially newsworthy videos that contained clips of the footage to humans for review.)

As I have spoken about yesterday, it will be difficult to find all these videos. It wasn’t simply one person uploading the footage and the companies working to take them down. It is about like-minded individuals (or groups) that work to make sure the footage is seen. Not for news purposes, but to inspire people to do the same themselves.

What makes this even more disgusting, individuals like them claim it is cowardly of Muslin extremists to attack unarmed men, women, and children. Yet, they do the same thing. Attack people at rest or at places of worship. How are they any better? I guess we all live long enough to see ourselves become the villain.

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