Promised Stained Steam Keys No Longer Being Given Out

You have to love when someone promises you something if you do something for them first, then pulls out when you cover your end of the bargain. This is the case with the Greenlight-approved gamed Stained. Developer RealAxis has announced they will no longer be


EA Offering Subscription Gaming Service For Xbox One

In a time when game developers are constantly claiming that gaming sales are stagnant, it makes you wonder what the methodology is behind releasing subscription services that encourage people not to purchase a game but play as many games from one developer for an unlimited


Deadpool Test Footage Leaked Online

This was one of those random type of leaked videos to surface online. For years now, we have been hearing about a potential Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds attached to it. The script has been going back and forth. Whether it would be a R-rated film.


Daredevil Series To Debut In May 2015

There was so much geek news coming out on Saturday, it seemed rather difficult to wrap your head around all of that. Much less report on it. However, with some news coming out of Comic Con that actually pertained to comics, it was a bit