Category: Technology

Apple Streaming Could Launch Without Netflix and HBO

Netflix and HBO may be holding out because Apple is demanding a bigger cut….

Verizon Sued Over Amazon Echo Promotion

Never stand in the way of a consumer that wants their free stuff….

Apple Planning A Subscription News Service

With Apple no longer focusing on their device sales, they are loading up subscription services to bring in a steady stream of revenue….

Why the iPhone Should Switch to USB-C Connectors

Apple needs to switch their iPhone devices to USB-C connections to make them fully 2019 devices….

Rumor: Microsoft Plans New Webcams

They did have the Kinect, but Microsoft is looking to make a come back with self-branded webcams….

No, AT&T Customers Are Using 5G

If you are an AT&T customer and you start seeing a 5G logo appear on your device, it is only for show. You are still using 4G LTE….