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Stadia Details Launch Date and Launch Titles

Now we know when, how much, and launch titles – now, what games you gonna play?…

Chrome To Allow Cross-Site Tracking

The move flies in the face of their data collecting functionality….

The Lazy Geeks #336: CD-ROM Edition

This is a huge episode. So, be ready for it….

Amazon and Google Feud Is Finally Over

It seems that most things are cool but there’s some things you can’t talk about….

Gmail Can Schedule Emails to Send During Business Hours

Good way to send that resignation email….

Stadia Is Google’s New Gaming Streaming Service

Google is getting into game streaming. The company Tuesday revealed Stadia, the evolution of its efforts to make digital, on-demand video games reliable and viable. Something the top two gaming companies have been struggling with. It’ll be available this year in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. Google dropped the news during an hour-long…