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The Lazy Geeks #326: Since We’ve Been Gone

The guys are back with a new episode of 2019. It’s a catch up episode of all the things we missed while we were away….

Our Final Post

After eight years and over 300 podcasts, it is time to say farewell. It’s been a good run….

The Lazy Geeks #325: The Doctor

We are saying goodbye with a previously unreleased episode talking about Doctor Who….

The Lazy Geeks Rewind: DTFF

On Monday, we released our latest and last rewind episode for January. And possibly ever….

The Lazy Geeks Rewind: The Refund Edition

This week’s throwback takes us to 2015 with some big news that many Marvel fans were happy to hear about….

The Lazy Geeks Rewind: Turtle Power

Part of our throwback series is revisiting a show from 2014 in which the 80’s seem to hold up….