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The Lazy Geeks #333: All About The Plus

This one was a struggle to record….

‘Snyder Cut’ of Justice League Didn’t Exist

As we have always said….

The Lazy Geeks #247: So Say We All

We are back with two weeks’ worth of news! You’re welcome in advance….

The Lazy Geeks #234: Zombies and Creepy Clowns

The Lazy Geeks Podcast is back with zombies, creepy clowns and some other news from the past week….

The Lazy Geeks Rewind: The Lazy Geeks First Episode

As we begin our summer rewind, check out the very first show we ever did. Remastered nonetheless. The show originally aired on October 11, 2010. You will be surprised how much of the stuff we talked about then we are still talking about….

The Lazy Geeks #200: 199 Episodes Later

Join the guys in celebrating their 200th episode that they launched on October 11th, 2010. Celebrate this important milestone with them!…