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Apple Planning A Subscription News Service

With Apple no longer focusing on their device sales, they are loading up subscription services to bring in a steady stream of revenue….

Activision Blizzard to Cut 800 Jobs

After taking in record profits from 2018, 800 employees are losing their jobs….

Bryan Singer’s Red Sonya Put ‘On Back Burner’

Seems like the pressure from misconduct allegations of Bryan Singer have changed the status of Red Sonya….

Rumor: Microsoft Plans New Webcams

They did have the Kinect, but Microsoft is looking to make a come back with self-branded webcams….

No, AT&T Customers Are Using 5G

If you are an AT&T customer and you start seeing a 5G logo appear on your device, it is only for show. You are still using 4G LTE….

Apple’s iPad Pro Has A Slight Bend

If you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, they aren’t. There is a slight bent to the new iPad Pro device….