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White House Opposes Net Neutrality With Fuzzy Facts

Of course their facts are fuzzy….

Punisher Trump Appearing on Conservative Websites

Bootleg merchandise combining the Punisher and Donald Trump into “Punisher Trump” has recently become a very popular item on sale on a number of conservative websites. One such site, Flag and Cross, is offering a “Punisher Trump” baseball cap, with the sales description being: The Clinton Crime Family. Croneyism. Taxes. Unemployment. Democrat Collusion with Russia….

Don’t Vote, Don’t Bitch

Your voice does have a meaning. Don’t use it, then you can’t say shit….

President Trump Can’t Admit He’s Wrong

Never admit you’re wrong when you don’t have to be….

President Trump: Our Conspiracy Theory President

In the age of Trump, you don’t need facts. Trump is our conspiracy theory president. Facts just get in the way….

Trump Tech Antitrust Is Very Democrat

Trump is going after tech companies for the right thing but the wrong reason. What he’s doing is a very Democrat thing….