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Apple iOS 12.2 Update Is Out

It has the new Apple News+ update….

PS4 Remote Play Supports iOS Devices

If you ever wanted to remote play on your iOS device, you’re in luck. A new system software update for PlayStation 4 rolled out Thursday, allowing console owners the option to control the system from their iPhone or iPad, via Remote Play for iOS. A new app, PS4 Remote Play, is available to download for…

Why the iPhone Should Switch to USB-C Connectors

Apple needs to switch their iPhone devices to USB-C connections to make them fully 2019 devices….

The Lazy Geeks #321: The Apple Paradox

Apple is making that adjustment to a major manufacturer, which means your happiness is lesser of a priority…….

Apple Cutting New iPhone Production Orders

I wouldn’t worry about the demise of Apple just yet….

Apple to Throttle Last Year’s iPhone After All

Looks like they fibbed on this one….